January 2007

Novell’s site about the difference between SLED 10 and Microsoft’s Vista, and why we think Vista should be given the skip and SLED 10 honestly rocks.


A short article on how to convert data from MS Access databases over to OOo’s Base application

The world’s largest retailer, Walmart, is the latest customer to go public with their choice to select SUSE Linux over Red Hat as a result of the Microsoft-Novell agreement signed in late 2006.

“We have wanted information technology vendors to deliver true interoperability and IP assurance between multiple platforms for some time now, and we are pleased that Microsoft and Novell are committed to fulfilling that need,” said Nancy Stewart, senior vice president and chief technology officer of Wal-Mart. “Wal-Mart is known around the world for its innovative use of technology. Selecting Microsoft and Novell is another step in that strategy. The net result is a win for us and, more importantly, for our customers.”

Official Press Release

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I’ve been asked by several people, so I thought it would be helpful to post links to the relevant documentation in the blog for everyone. Note: the policies for SLES and SLED are different.

  • for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server – on a given physical server, a SLES subscription is required for the first instance (host or guest), and subsequent instances are at no charge.  This is an INCREDIBLE VALUE, by the way – esp when you consider that Xen virtualization is built into SLES, so you may not need to “purchase” additional VM technology.

    “One subscription to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server covers all virtual images on the same physical server independent of the virtualization technology a customer is using. While each physical server requires the purchase of a subscription to be activated and receive ongoing updates and patches, an unlimited number of virtual server images can be created in Xen or other network virtualization technologies on each activated physical server. No additional subscriptions are required for virtual images.”

    from… http://www.novell.com/products/server/virtualization.html

    • for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop – every instance of SLED requires a unique subscription.  The low cost of SLED and hardware savings alone makes it an exceptional value over a typical Windows choice – esp Vista

      The Software is a collective work of Novell. You must acquire a license for each installation of the Software and for each additional copy (or partial copy) of the Software stored or loaded in memory or virtual memory beyond the initial copy necessary for execution of the Software installed on the hardware.

      from… the SLED 10 EULA

      Eweek’s very interesting contrast and comparison between the latest Ubuntu and OpenSUSE offerings, concluding that either is a fit replacement for Windows.  You can guess which one we think you ought to consider…

      Great article, the Linux Foundation is a positive step in the fight to gain Linux market share from Windows.

      From the article: “Those same companies have decided that the time has come to consolidate their collaborative support into a new group, the Linux Foundation, which is being announced today. And the mission of the new organization is help Linux, the leading example of the open-source model of software development, to compete more effectively against Microsoft, the world’s largest software company.”

      Check out this new website and see why SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is the compelling alternative to Windows Vista.

      Learn More About SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10

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