For those who had attended of our great Linux Day events last year, we’re at it again!  The first one was the 31st of January in Binghamton NY, and it was very successful. For those who haven’t heard of or attended one of these, they are a full day of free technical training on the “Green” or SUSE Linux Enterprise side of Novell’s product line.  It’s a full day including a detailed overview of the latest in Desktop and Server technologies including OES (Open Enterprise Server 1 and 2), very complete and technical details on the latest Security, Virtualization, Training and Troubleshooting possibilities with loads of demos and lots of tips, tricks and fun stuff.  We break for lunch (included in the free price) and go until about 4:30 or so.

Even with major snowstorms the evening before and day of, we packed the big room and except for a couple of sysadmins who had to go revive dying and dead servers, everyone stayed there and focused all day!

We have a great momentum for these events, they were very popular last year and the response this year was awesome!  After the event we typically  do a lot of followups with people who want us to come present to internal teams or are ready for a lab or Proof of Concept. We typically get 90% of the people registered to show up, and of those 90% are there by the day’s end, which is awesome.  Of course we do give away penguins, t-shirts and geckos, so that might help keep attendees in their seats!

We are about to announce a number of upcoming events, the landing page for these just went up, it and the calendar for events are the best resources to find these and other events:

Calendar of Events (make sure to select Americas and uncheck all but Open Platform Solutions)

Linux Day Landing Page (schedule and other items to come very soon)

I’ll post a report after each event so you can see the progress and please email us or comment on this posting if you have suggestions.

See you at the upcoming events!