There’s a blog entry I was reading this morning from ZDnet’s Mary Jo Foley.  She was highlighting the fact that in a recent blog entry, Microsoft had been saying only certain versions of Vista may be virtualized on Parallels (virtualization on Mac OS X).  Likewise, on another blog, they stated that there was no movement on being able to virtualize Mac OS X on any other platform (such as Linux) – because it’s against the EULA.

I wanted to just point out what seems to be hipocracy on this topic…  MS only letting the most expensive version of Vista be legally virtualized, whileApple won’t let anyone virtualize its OS.

For the record, those of us in the Linux community — especially SUSE Linux — have no problem with you virtualizing the OS.  In fact, we have what I think is an outstanding virtualization policy.  Are you taking advantage of it?