I wonder what Red Hat’s plan is with respect to pricing of virtualization using Xen on RHEL?  That information is not yet public…  but here’s a blog entry from ZDnet which seems to hint that they plan on undercutting VMware — and that this would be an industry shaking move.  That is, when RHEL 5 finally ships.  It’s already several months late.

!!! HELLO !!!

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10:

  • …has been shipping since July 2006
  • AND includes Xen virtualization
  • AND there’s no additional charge for Xen beyond the normal SLES subscription
  • AND you can run as many virtual machines as you want without additional cost on the same physical server
  • AND it’s available today
  • AND our partnership with Microsoft will enable us to easily get paravirtualized and fully virtualized Windows servers running on Xen very soon!

You could wait for RHEL 5 to ship… or you could start taking advantage of this virtualization technology today with SLES.  Wouldn’t you prefer to use a product that leads in the technology arena, rather than one that simply follows?  We don’t call SLES the “best engineered” enterprise Linux distribution for nothing…  🙂