Here’s a blog entry from ZDnet’s Ed Burnette in which he does a little Q&A with Azul System’s Chief JVM Architect, Cliff Click.  In the writing, he talks about some of the rationale why the massive amount of core’s in Azul’s systems should be of interest to everyone, and something to think about for the future.  Sheesh…  768 cores is ALOT of horsepower!!

He talks about the multi core systems from the perspective of massively parallel program execution, but it’s not much of a stretch to think about what a 768 core server could mean for Xen virtualization.  Simply put, it’s a game changer.  Can you see how powerful a solution this would be?  Consolidation of many entire data centers down to a handful of servers or racks — it may be closer than we think…

Of course, the Novell and SUSE Linux team have Xen virtualization in their sights… and plan to take advantage of every nook and crany of these multi-core processors.  In fact, we already do!  Talk about future-proofing and going with a winner!

In a more direct line of sight… Intel recently showed a prototype of an 80-core processor — sweet!