For those of you who aren’t acquainted with HIMSS, think of the largest trade show you’ve ever seen (for me Gartner’s Annual IT Expo in Orlando) and double or triple that! Amazingly enough, I [Ben] was told that the 2006 iteration of HIMSS was much larger than this year (even with the 24,000+ that were in attendance this past week)!

From my perspective, it was interesting to observe the growing interest and progress of open source in health care. Not only did we see this in our discussions with the major clinical application vendors (e.g., McKesson which has certified its entire clinical-application stack on Linux), but also with the small point-solution application vendors. Moreover, I was impressed in my conversations with customers to note the extent to which hospitals are using or considering Linux for their edge-servers and in their datacenters.

Long story short, while it’s clear that health care, in many regards, is still exceptionally conservative in its adoption of new infrastructure technologies, it is also obvious that there is a clear movement away from UNIX and a surge of interest, certification, and deployment on Linux.

Ben Pressley
Novell East OPS Team / cub-reporter