There are Linux-fans around the world who’ve been waiting for Linux to gain wider and wider adoption on the desktop. While there’s still much work to be done, it’s pretty clear that Linux as a desktop OS (a) makes A LOT OF SENSE in many cases, and (b) more and More organizations (customers, IHVs, ISVs, etc.) are starting to figure this out. For example:

We recently blogged about some interesting discussion and survey results on Dell’s website. The number one request… Linux on Dell’s products.

Another data point, just click the “Desktop” category link on our blog site and see how many exciting things are happening in the Linux Desktop world.

Third, HP sources made some recent comments in this CRN ChannelWeb article saying they’re starting to see “…a number of massive deals for Linux desktops…”

Hewlett-Packard is closing custom deals for thousands of desktop PCs running Linux, which has the company assessing the possibility of offering factory-loaded Linux systems, an HP executive said.

“We are involved in a number of massive deals for Linux desktops, and those are the kinds of things that are indicators of critical mass. So we are really looking at it very hard,” said Doug Small, worldwide director of open source and Linux marketing at HP. “We are in a massive deal right now for … multi-thousands of units of a desktop opportunity for Linux. That’s an indicator.” He declined to give details about the Linux deals.

Novell’s SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 is certainly a major player in this market… Have you given it a try yet?

What’s your take on the Linux Desktop market?