Due to the Novell/Microsft agreement OpenOffice.org is becoming even more compatible with Microsoft Office. Novell has released an opensource plugin to OpenOffice.org to convert from ODF to Microsoft’s OpenXML. Microsoft has released an opensource add-in to Microsoft Word (XP, 2003, & 2007) to allow opening and saving OpenDocument format (ODF) files. Translators for Excel and PowerPoint will be coming soon.

Many customers are realizing significant cost savings by upgrading to OpenOffice.org running on Windows or Linux. A subscription to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop entitles customers to OpenOffice.org on Windows. Running OpenOffice.org on Windows is a great way to transition to a Linux desktop.

OpenOffice OpenXML Translator

OpenOffice 2.0.4, Novell Edition (for Windows)

OpenXML Translator (ODF Add-in for Word)