In this article from ZDNet, Dell is reported to have plans to bring Dell virtualization-oriented servers to the market.  While details are pretty thin at this point, it appears that these servers will have two processor sockets and be able to work with the latest multi-core processors.

I applaud Dell for recognizing the need to help bring virtualization technologies to the market.  It’s definitely coming, and about to change the way that enterprises manage their data centers.  I really believe that – it’s just a matter of time.

Perhaps they already have the plans underway, but I think where virtualization will really begin to show it’s true colors is when we start to see BIG virtualization servers arrive.  What’s big?  When 8 and 16 socket servers are the norm and not the exception, each socket with a multi-core processor — THAT’S BIG!

Intel showed a technology preview of an 768-core processor recently… amazing!