CRN’s latest Linux Desktop Bakeoff (link to article, link to slideshow) pits SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, Xandros 4, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop 5.0 and Linspire Five-O, with SLED 10 coming out the overall winner and higher than the others in many categories.

From the review: “Of the four enterprise desktops, Novell appears to be the most serious alternative to Microsoft Windows. For almost a year now, Novell has been offering an enterprise-class Linux desktop that competes with Windows on many levels.”

We know it’s true, we use SLED all day long, every day, and it’s by far the best Desktop distribution, and by several light-years the best Laptop distribution. For example, I’ve been using Linux on laptops almost exclusively since about Red Hat 5.x. I’ve seen just about every error known to mankind and learned volumes about how Linux works trying to shoehorn it onto my seemingly endless series of home and work machines. It’s gotten better and better, less driver issues and odd command-line options and time spend with vga settings and odd issues that require massive Google searches. This all culminated in SLED 10’s flawlessly detecting everything on our newly-arrived X and T-60’s from Lenovo the other day, speedily installing and then connecting to the VPN without a single hitch.

Finally, a Linux desktop that just works.