Yesterday over 50 people joined us for a 1/2 day seminar in our NYC office covering DataCenter and Virtualization technology and best practices. Sponsored by our partners at TotalTec, who offer a complementary 200 X86 server virtualization assessment for attendees (or for the public) and featuring a good friend from Intel who detailed how their architecture accelerates and supports Novell’s Xen Virtualization strategies.

Although this seminar (featuring many demos) was mostly for Wall Street and many other NYC customers, we had people traveling several hours to attend and give their feedback and input. Lots of great questions and interaction made the morning speed by.  Ending the event was one of our Zenworks specialists who discussed and showed how to better deploy, manage and take advantage of virtualization in the Data Center.

If you’re interested in talking to one of our specialist about Virtualization, the DataCenter initiatives we have or just to ask questions, please either leave a comment or email the nearest one of us by looking at the About page on the site!