Not long after I joined Novell a number of states joined an initiative to have an alternative Operating System credit be a requirement for the senior year for high school students, and Linux was that OS, with the Linux+ certification being the chosen method of proving said proficiency.

I was contacted by Baron Rohbock, from the Sales organization about how we could possibly use existing courseware, or should we write new materials to address this need. After exhaustively studying the Linux+ exam, taking and passing (nearly a perfect score!) the latest exam beta, and mapping the objectives to our current curriculum, we forwarded it to the courseware group for the necessary fine-tuning and production of the courseware.

This became the 3060 course, and now it’s being widely used in many scholastic environments. The set of materials mentioned in this press release come from a combination of sources, particularly from the NTS/Training organization and are targeted towards beginning sysadmin/programmer students to familiarize them with the desktop/Linux and other well-organized and presented topics.

If you work for a scholastic organization and want to help staff the IT centers and programming teams of tomorrow, visit the site for these materials and check out what they can do for your students/attendees.

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