I know that a lot of people in the Linux and open source community are big fans of the Apple Macs, so you may find this interesting. As you may or may not know, there is an open source project called NetATalk which is designed to provide Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) support on the Linux platform. (It is included in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, btw). Apparently, it doesn’t quite meet the needs of many of our customers. At our recent BrainShare conference in March, a large number of customers made requests of the OES product team to enhance the support for AFP on the Linux platform through an alternative. As a result, an internal project has begun to include enhanced AFP support and functionality for the Linux platform – specifically one running OES services.

If you’re interested in learning more, take a listen to this Novell Open Audio podcast for details. You can also check out this blog post.  Details such as exact GA timelines, will it be open sourced, etc. are all still TBD… so stay tuned.

Most importantly – The main feature to be supported will be resource forks, but if you have additional ideas for what you want the Novell AFP stack features to include, send an email ASAP to the product team at afpfeedback@novell.com