There are several ways to burn media in GNOME, the first and most easy way is to locate the files/directories that you want to burn, then insert a blank media (CD/DVD) into the drive and close the tray. When you close the tray, it’ll pop a dialog like the one below, asking you if you’d like to do something with your newly inserted blank media.


If you click the Make DVD button, it’ll then open a Nautilus window like the one shown below, you can then drag and drop your files to that window, just like you would a removeable disk.


After you have dragged the files you want to burn into the window representing the media, click on the Write to Disc button on the far right to burn the media.


This will show the Write to Disc dialog, where you can usually just click the Write button to begin committing the data to the media. Ensure that you select the correct setting for the Eject Disc after writing checkbox.


This is the easiest method, there are other solutions including K3b and most recently a newer version of Nero for Linux, but this will do the trick for most users.

Note: A commenter reminded me that you can right-click on an ISO file and choose to Write to Disk, and get your ISO image written properly to a CD/DVD, very useful and much faster than using K3b or cdrecord… Thanks Kevin.

This article from Free Software Magazine also has some good points.