IBM released a new virtual Linux environment called “IBM System p Application Virtual Environment” or “System p AVE” into public beta today.  Neither way of referring to this new technology is particularly mellifluous or easy to pronounce, but regardless this is seriously good news for those who have System p hardware and want to take better advantage of Linux on those boxes.

System p already has a very healthy market share at 31.5% of revenue, according to the numbers for 2006 and System p AVE’s advent is sure to help grow this market share.  Now it’s possible to consolidate AIX and Linux on the same server, the supported systems and applications are listed briefly here.

Some of the notable capabilities of AVE are:

  • Ability to run most Linux X86 binaries unmodified on System p
  • Virtual X86 environment and file structure
  • Dynamic translation and mapping of X86 instructions to Power
  • Caching to improve system performance
  • No need to re-compile, translate or alter existing distributions

For more info on this beta, including the signup forms to get involved, visit the System p AVE landing page.

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