Of course, you know that SLED (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop) includes OpenOffice.org 2, right? So what other alternative’s to the Microsoft Cash Cow Office suite exist? Here’s a roundup of the players:

OpenOffice.org – The most logical alternative, mostly because of it’s impressive feature set, unprecedented compatibility and ongoing development that includes agreements between Microsoft and Novell to enhance interoperability

ThinkFree – This is an online office suite, and mostly a competitor to Google’s offering, though reportedly with 1GB of storage and lots of other included options, this is a good deal for many smaller and medium sized operations.

Zoho – Another online office suite, or more like an online collection of tools that could be an office suite, they include much more than just a standard suite, more like Google’s bazillion tools than Microsoft Office.

Google – Google’s nearly got the whole suite of alternatives ready, they have Google Docs and Spreadsheets along with Google Calendar and of course Gmail for the email app, and just signed a deal for a Powerpoint alternative, giving them a fairly complete but somewhat disorganized set of apps that desperately need integrating.

What office suite do you use? If you use Microsoft Office currently, are you evaluating alternatives? Did I miss any? Leave a comment and set me straight…