Ok… so unless you’ve got a house full of carbon fiber, spectra and kevlar this title may be a little sensationalized. That being said, you can design a multi-million dollar cup boat using the same operating system that’s running on your desktop or server.

Yes, of course I’m talking about Linux!

Design is absolutely critical to having the fastest boat. BMW Oracle Racing, the American syndicate, employs a design team of 38 people and has an estimated budget of $US200 million. So why is it that people who have enough money to buy a $1 Million mast (and snap it a week later) are using a free operating system?

It provides his team with the efficiency and scalability necessary to process complicated computational solutions, including measuring speed performance against the dynamic forces of water and air.

With designers working 70-hour weeks, Burns required a self-sufficient OS that would not burden his team. He found Linux easy to set up and even easier to manage. “When Linux is properly loaded onto the machines, it rarely needs supervision,” says Burns. “And to us . . . that’s like gold.”

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