Live CD/DVD’s are incredibly useful for so many different things, I use Live distro’s all the time, mostly for system recovery and for handing out to people who want to try out Linux. Gone are the days when trying out Linux meant a significant portion of commitment through partitioning to make room, figuring out how to dual boot, then hoping that Windows doesn’t blog away LILO or GRUB when you update or Service Pack it.

For me, the openSUSE Live CD/DVD distribution is like an ambassador from Linux -Land, showing people who want to know more about SUSE how nicely done, friendly and attractive Linux on the Desktop can be, all without having to undergo significant investment in time and energy and troubleshooting.

I have to also give a shout-out to the grand-daddy of all Live CD’s, my all-time favorite: Knoppix. I used to use Knoppix in the classroom to teach Debian/Linux skills, but also as a quick way of having people try an alternative to the then-dominant Red Hat. One of our labs was to convert their live cd booted machine to a dual-boot Debian and Red Hat or SUSE machine, and it never failed to impress folks.

Distros have come a VERY long way since those days, the SUSE Linux Enterprise line automatically asks you if you want to make room by resizing your Windows partition (if you have one, that is!) and so does openSUSE.

You really should check out the LiveCD List, it’s got a huge number of Live CD’s for you to choose and experiment from.



P.S. My vote for best name for a Live CD goes to DSL (Damn Small Linux).