In the last few years, Linux has grown from almost no presence in the movie production houses, to be the powerhouse behind nearly every blockbuster that Hollywood studios have produced lately.

Because Linux has the benefits of scalability, low cost and ability to scale, 90% of the systems being used in movie production are Linux-based. Sometimes these numbers seem to be the most closely-kept secret in that industry. With the tremendous number of individual systems and the processing power needed to produce and render today’s top films, the price/performance ratio makes Linux the obvious winner over Macintosh and Windows platforms.

What with the huge market share of Linux in the film industry, it would make sense to have a site or series of sites that help people find the statistics, tools, production tips and all the other information needed to begin to use Linux in a studio or production house.

One of the most comprehensive sites is the amazingly complete There are over 300 people who work in this field who are helping put this information together, including the following:

  • Software – A very comprehensive list of man types of production software that runs on Linux, including lots of links to other sites
  • Studios – List of all the studies known to use Linux in production
  • News – Items of interest for those in the industry
  • Wiki – Topics of interest to those in the industry
  • Listserv – A mailing list you can join to keep up to date

A number of articles detailing everything from using Linux to produce a movie yourself, how the process of making a movie with Linux progresses from start to finish, to a couple of articles (link1 link2) about how Open Source is ready for it’s closeup, Mr. DeMille.