Foleo is Palm’s new device that they just announced. Not quite a full laptop, but more than a Treo… and hey, it runs Linux. What’s not to like/love?

While I’ve only seen their marketing site and a couple of articles on it, I still see a couple of things I’d like to have added. Here are a few things on my wishlist…

  • Integrated camera and video conferencing
  • ODF support – not just MS Office
  • Multimedia support – it should play videos (movies) and music
  • Touch screen would be nice, but is not essential
  • Tomboy for note taking
  • File synchronization capabilities with my “desktop”… maybe iFolder, Rsync, or something else?

What’s on your wishlist?

(Updated 6/1/07: because I can’t spell and think at the same time… Sorry, it’s Foleo. Thx Ross.)