Novell and Capgemini announced a newly formed partnership which will deliver solutions to enterprise customers using a combo of open source and proprietary software. Capgemini will enhance its open source practice with Novell capabilities along with mixed source applications and tools. The solutions include SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and ZENworks Orchestrator for virtual machine management.

In my mind, this helps provide another proof-point that mixed-source solutions are where the action is at!  While making the move towards open source, you’ve got to be able to make sure proprietary and existing legacy systems integrate and interoperate with the new open source technologies, platforms and applications. Mixed-source just makes sense here.

From the joint press releases from Novell and Capgemini

With this partnership, Capgemini’s customers gain fully supported mixed-source solutions built on open source and proprietary software that Capgemini will help build, deploy and maintain. The Capgemini Open Source practice will help customers define enterprise open source governance and select the right open source packages and solutions to deploy on top of a flexible, fully supported Novell platform that delivers optimized performance. World-class enterprise solutions for servers and desktops will be delivered, along with data center virtualization and management capabilities. In addition, Novell open source solutions will be supported via Capgemini’s open source Support Service Center (OSSPartner) offering. Novell plans to provide Level 3 support to Capgemini.