I know that more and more organizations are looking for ways of being a little more eco-friendly, a little more environmentally responsible, and even saving a little on the electricity bill. This ZDnet article entitled “Support grows for thin-client computing” mentioned an interesting perspective on the benefits of thin client models… Power savings. Specifically, it was this passage:

Another benefit, according to Sean Whetstone, head of IT at Reed Managed Services, is the thin-client model can be far greener — ticking an important box on the current corporate agenda. Whetstone, also looking after a 3,500 employee-strong company, previously had desktops running 24/7 “in case some Microsoft update had to be pushed out”. Moving to a model that will see around 98 percent of PCs replaced with thin-client terminals means those updates are centralised and the terminals are not only using less power anyway but are on for only around 10 hours per day. Whetstone says this measure has been a considerable step in helping Reed hit its objective of being a carbon-neutral company.

Thin client hardware can be smaller, consume less power, and run cooler (less AC required). On top of all the manageability and security benefits that thin clients provide. So it does make sense that there could be some savings to be had there.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop / SUSE Linux Enterprise Thin Client can help with that solution as well… by lowering your up-front costs and providing you with a secure and reliable platform on the leading thin client hardware vendors. Not 100% of your environment needs to be thin client, but every little bit will help save you BIG $$$ in the long run.

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