How many times have you tried to get something to someone, a file, archive or report, but it’s too big for email? Happens to me all the time, and I bet it does to a significant # of us, so what are the options for safely transferring a file to someone?

The following is just a set of sites and tools that I have found and used, some are easy, some are not, most require registration at the least and some require paying for an account, all are just my personal experience and opinion.

  • – This is perhaps the most useful and easy site for quick one-off download links to any file, particularly if you want it to time out after a short duration. It’s very easy, you go to, click on the Browse button, locate the file and submit it. The file will be uploaded and a short URL will appear that you can use to link to that file, like I have with this cool wallpaper file. Highly recommended, no registration needed, but not good if you constantly send out the same file[s] all the time and need predictable URL’s for them.
  • – This site offers a quick 7 day hosting option for free, including sending an email to your intended recipient that let’s them know what the URL for the file is and exhorts them to use the service. If you sign up for a free account, they give you a sent files history, an address book, 100 transfers per file and up to 100MB per file, and the for-pay options go up from there. I uploaded the same wallpaper file as a test. Recommended if you need more permanent digs for your files, and very handy if you need to quickly post shoot something to someone, the posting and emailing in one step is particularly handy. Large files will need an upgrade or for pay and may be better elsewhere.
  • – This site is more like, it’s pretty easy, you browse for the file, fill in the optional name, sender email and recipient emails and upload the file. The download URL for the wallpaper file appeared almost immediately and if you are happy with a 500MB file size limit and need unlimited downloads of that file, this is your site. (Note: Files are hosted for 30 days, then deleted, no other options exist).
  • – This site offers a whole table of options, from free and quite limited to for pay and mostly limited… Of particular note is the heavy restrictions for even the for pay and business plans. Maybe it’s just me, but having only 7 downloads and 1 user for a business plan is excessively restrictive, so unless you look at the options and like what you see, other sites might be more helpful.
  • – This site skips the for-free options and goes straight to for-pay, which seem to be fairly open and unrestricted, even in the description of their basic plan. They do offer a complete branded solution and integration to the customer’s website, which makes it an attractive option for a small or medium business who wants to provide files for ongoing download access. I have a friend who uses this service for distributing updates to software to customers, and recommended it.

Hopefully all this will be helpful for those of you who need to transfer legal and non-adult files, as the terms of service for all of these state those restrictions. If you have a particular site you like and use, recommend it in a comment and we’ll add it to the roster and give you credit.