If you haven’t taken a look at SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, visit the product page first.

If you have, then you’re probably well aware that it does offer a substantial amount of applications (all supported) and functionality out of the box – unlike Windows, which comes with SOME, but not ALL of the apps.

For example, you would need to buy an office productivity suite (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, etc.), project management software, digital photo editor, and more IN ADDITION to the Windows OS.   That makes the ROI possibilities for a Linux desktop even MORE attractive to the bean counters and makes that “automatic upgrade” to Vista and Office 2007 all the more difficult to justify.

SLED includes:

  • Office suite (compatible with MS Office, btw)
  • Web browser
  • Email/Calendar clients
  • Citrix/Terminal Server clients
  • and MUCH MORE!!!

Well, what exactly is that “MUCH MORE” claim??  I’ve created a document which lists many of those additional applications.  I’ll email it to you upon request – just ask.  I’ll let you know when I get it posted somewhere too.  In the meantime…

Send your requests to kchin (at) novell.com