Our OpenSUSE.org crew did some very enlightening research about who the Linux Desktop user is, and here’s what they found (PDF).

The typical desktop Linux user is 25-29 years old, male and technically literate. They invariably have a DSL or higher class connection, and feel that the following things are very important (in order of ranking) when using a desktop version of Linux:

  • Stability (78%)
  • Security (63%)
  • Usability (58%)
  • Hardware Support (58%)

Less critical but still important are:

  • Ease of Administration (42%)
  • Amount/Selection of Software (41%)
  • Documentation (35%)
  • Ease of Installation (33%)

Interestingly, support services came in at a lower ranking, only 27% of people ranked it as moderately important. The most telling statistic was the fact that 39% of all respondents felt that Multimedia Support was highly important. I am certain that this number coincides with the amount of respondents that have a dual-boot Windows machine with Linux (69+%). This makes the recent announcements of Novell’s interoperability with Microsoft and Real Network’s RealPlayer with Microsoft Multimedia Support even more relevant to the adoption of Linux on the Corporate Desktop.