Our own Nat Friedman spoke with Jack Loftus of the Enterprise Linux Log the other day and had some very interesting cautionary words for those who are considering upgrading to Microsoft’s Vista:

“If you don’t evaluate Linux desktops, you may be liable to your shareholders because you’re spending an enormous amount of money to upgrade to Vista without a demonstrable ROI,”

As you probably know, Nat’s our CTO for Open Source Strategies (and the co-creator of Ximian) so you’d expect him to be bullish about Linux’s chances for Desktop market share. Out in the field with the customers we’re seeing a significant uptick in those not only investigating Linux as an alternative on the Corporate Desktop, but frequently we encounter those who’ve already made the move in principle and just want us to help them plan and execute.

In further talks Nat made the point that the whole industry is moving to a more web-based application model, something which will free people from the Microsoft hegemony:

“More people leaning towards a Web-based application model — like Salesforce.com and Google — and that will lead to them being less dependent upon Microsoft for running applications.”

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