You know what Samba is, right? For those of you who suddenly looked at the title of our blog to make sure you aren’t on the Strictly Ballroom fan site, I’m talking about Samba the Open Source CIFS server implementation. Samba has been around a while and does an excellent job of emulating a Windows system for File and Printer Sharing, WINS Server emulation, replacement of NT 4.0 Primary and Backup Domain Controllers and much more.

I ran across a very nicely done introduction to Samba the other day, something which should help explain the project and product,  how it’s installed and used, particularly to newcomers to this integration method.

Of course there is always the various documentation offerings about Samba either from standard publishing houses or from the community itself, take a good look at the following for a deeper view of Samba’s capabilities:

  • – the official site for the Samba project
  • The Official Samba 3 HowTo and and Reference Guide – Like the Holy Bible for Samba, this has just about everything in it to really understand Samba, available in printed or online versions
  • Samba 3 By Example – John Terpstra’s excellent reference guide that walks you through every step of different scenarios for small, medium and large installations, literally a cookbook for getting Samba installed and running in almost any organization.
  • Using Samba – O’Reilly and Associates venerable tome that has been updated to include V3, this online/print book has been probably the most referenced Samba documentation source since the /usr/share/packages/samba files.
  • Documentation pages – The most sources all in one spot for Samba, watch this page for new resources as they come available.
  • Wiki – The official Wiki site for the Samba Project, get out there and contribute some words if you don’t code!