The Novell Courseware Team has released Course 3068, Migrating to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 for free.  You can download the kit and print the manuals out, but it’s not for reselling or further distribution.  This outstanding offering covers how to migrate from Red Hat Enterprise Linux to SUSE Linux Enterprise 10, and incorporates not only that team’s materials, but a lot of feedback from us in the field, all of which was taken into account, the result being a great course.

This is no puff piece that’s just out there so they could claim it existed, this is seriously useful material for the sysadmin in the trenches doing these tasks.  The list of topics the course covers are:

  • Installing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10
  • Using YaST
  • Configuring the Network
  • Managing the Linux File System
  • Managing System Initialization
  • Configuring Mail and Web Services
  • Using AppArmor
  • Managing Virtualization with Xen
  • Configuring iSCSI
  • Understanding Cluster File Systems

The course is available either as a free download, or you can use the course finder to locate an Instructor-Led version of the course.  If you are like me, you can study the download version and if you can make it to a class, then do so, but this is essentially a class-in-a-can, some assembly needed.  You can download the courseware kit, it includes:

  • Migrating from RedHat to Suse Linux Enterprise Sever 10 Student Manual
  • Migrating from RedHat to Suse Linux Enterprise Sever 10 Student Workbook
  • Course materials ISO file (for burning to a DVD)

The team thoughtfully includes a number of items on the DVD iso, including the manuals, Acrobat Reader for Windows and Linux, various setup instructions for a bare-metal lab system and two VMWare virtual machines for use with a virtualized lab system (ie: your spouse will shoot you if you blow away the kid’s Windows PC and install SLES 10 on it).

As a surprise bonus, they included a slightly older whitepaper by yours truly and a few team-mates as Appendix C.  It’s a whitepaper that I came up with as a way to show people how to do what this course now does, and includes some very useful tables and other side-by-side comparisons that will help you accomplish the migration.