Whatever you call it, the Palm Foleo is one light and small device, running Linux and with all the apps instantly available, it’s likely replace a lot of laptops for harried road-warriors.

Sascha Segan of Gearlog got to go hands on with the device and found:

“As I noted in our original piece on the Foleo, it comes with stripped down Microsoft Office applications courtesy of Dataviz DocumentsToGo, a file manager, a photo viewer, a PDF reader, an e-mail program, the Opera web browser, and, excitingly for Linux geeks everywhere, a terminal program that falls down into the Bash shell. More apps are coming from third-party developers, and excitingly, Palm reps said the processor is indeed fast enough to play video.”


Henry Kingman of Linuxdevices.com also got a chance to fondle look at a Foleo and reports that it features:

  • Battery life “according to Q/A, not marketing,” under constant use with WiFi on and the screen set to the default (65 percent) brightness is an honest five hours.
  • It has a real bash shell, because bash’s built-ins reduce process loading (forking) at boot time, for faster start-up.
  • The magnetically latched case is grippy rubber with undulations — very easy to carry.
  • The keyboard conforms to the smaller ISO standard, with 18mm pitch.
  • All apps run all the time, and only run maximized to full-screen. Switching between them (via a hardware key) is instantaneous.
  • …Plus a lot more, read his article above.

You can read Sascha’s original article about the product and of course visit the Palm site for more formal information about the Foleo.