Got an hour? If you’re interested in getting a good overview of virtualization and the SUSE Linux Enterprise offering, you might want to check out a webcast we hosted for a select group of customers on July 10.

(Correction in webcast: List of officially supported virtualized OS’s can be found here)

Click here to see the recording.

Also, during the session several questions were entered into the chat window. Here are the answers to those questions…

say that again please… about the subscription fees, please…
ANSWER: If you have a subscription for the SLES virtualization host server already, you don’t need to purchase additional subscriptions for the virtual SLES servers on that box. For example, if you want to run 5 virtual SLES servers on that physical box, you will only need 1 SLES subscription for that situation. Saves you $$!!

how about per socket or per core costs?
ANSWER: SLES subscriptions do not count processor cores. We do count sockets. Up to 32 sockets are included in the normal SLES subscription.

OES 1 isn’t supported?
ANSWER: OES v1 is not supported on Xen in SLES 10. However, OES v2 will be supported.

can you do concurrent para and full servers? i.e. one suse and one windows at the same time?
ANSWER: Yes. As long as your server supports the Intel VT or AMD Virtualization instruction sets, you can run both paravirtualization and full virtualization on the same physical server. For example, you can run a SLES server paravirtualized on the same box as a Windows fully virtualized server.

list price of virtual machine driver pack?
ANSWER: Retail pricing can be found on the website here. Contact your reseller or Novell rep for a specific price quote for you.

Can VM be run on a HA Cluster?
ANSWER: Yes, virtual machines can be run on a high availability cluster. In fact, they can be nodes in a cluster as well.

Is there USB hardware support for the guest?
ANSWER: No USB support at this time. It is on the list of feature requests however.

Is Orchestrator part of SES 10 or XEN?
ANSWER: ZENworks Orchestrator is a completely separate product from SLES and Xen. More info about Orchestrator can be found here.

Is the PCI Frontend and Backend now compiled in XEN kernel?
ANSWER: Researching… stay tuned.

Do you back up all virtual machines from single backup device?
ANSWER: You can use your “normal” backup process to back up individual virtual machines.