Novell recently held an internal event in which developers were encouraged to work on projects of interest and passion, rather than the ones they are normally working on. This great article from ARS Technica interviewed some of the developers involved and gives a glimpse of some of the projects they have been working on. Be sure to hit the subtle “Next Page” link at the bottom of that website’s page so you can see the details on some of the cool projects.

Of the ones listed in the article, my favorite has to be Joe Shaw’s web interface for Banshee music player. Think of it as a “sling box for Banshee”. Very cool! You can even check out his live demo site – (but please be nice to his test server).

Another very interesting project actually was awarded the best-overall-project honors…

Stephan Kulow and Richard Guenther, who extended the SUSE Build Service platform so that it can automatically recompile Debian source packages and turn them into RPMs with dependencies properly mapped to other SUSE packages.

You can check out the dozens of other projects that were being experimented with during the week at the openSUSE Idea Pool

(Updated 8/30/07) Nice related audio podcast discussion and review of their favorites from Erin and friends at Novell Open Audio