In a surprise move, and one that is probably timed for the beginning of back-to-school shopping, Walmart is about to begin selling a sub-$300 PC with a Via Processor, 1G of RAM, 80GB Hard Drive and a DVD Burner.  Oh, and 2.2 instead of something in a lovely shade of Microsoft Office.

This system doesn’t show on their site yet, it’s the Everex Impact GC3502 from the Everex Computer company, running Windows Vista Home and containing a surprising lack of trialware, according to Ars Technica contributor Eric Bangeman’s article.

Some would argue to that to be complete trialware/spyware and buggy-software free it should ship with a certain Gecko’s favorite version of Desktop Linux, and NOT Windows, but that’s another story and another time.  One bunch of proprietary spaghetti code at a time…