I often check in on the ExpressComputerOnline site, one of the sites that covers India’s business and IT community, where I found Kushal Shah’s well done interview with Maarten Koster, Novell’s President of Asia Pacific.

Excerpts from the interview:

Where is Novell positioned in the market?

“… We are playing in the business segment, be it medium or large. As part of our go-to-market strategy, we have tied up with one of the major universities in China wherein we load Linux on all laptops.”

Can you tell us about the trends that are shaping the Linux market?

“Linux started off in the middle segment of the market whereas we started at the top end and have already captured about 90 percent of the IBM mainframe segment which runs SUSE Linux. Our competitors were focused on the middle end. As the distribution network is expanding we are moving to the middle layer and the data centre space and our competitors are going towards the top end.”

Is Server Consolidation and Virtualization picking up?

“… All the CIOs I have spoken to have virtualisation on their radar screens. These two things, security and virtualisation, are on the radars of all the companies.”

Read more of the interview here.