According to this article from, “Red Hat’s SMB desktop Linux delayed”, you will have to wait a while longer in order to get your hands on their product.  Originally announced in May, it’s expected this fall.  The desktop will have features such as a user-friendly interface based on Linux, run on “low-cost PCs” (for emerging markets), and legal versions of multimedia codecs built-in.

Well, you could wait until this ships later this year… OR…

If this type of product sounds useful to you, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 has been available since July 2006 and includes all of these features and a whole lot more! Why wait??

Addressing these specific feature points, however…

  • SLED has a UI that’s friendly to Windows users.  SLED’s user interface was designed with usability in mind. The UI had to be powerful, functional, and intuitive to users. We did lots of research, posted it at, and the result is our award winning (for example, here and here) desktop design. It also means easier adoption and less training for end users.
  • SLED runs on your existing PC and other “low-cost PCs”.  The minimum HW requirements are Pentium III, 256 MB RAM, and an 800 MB hard drive.  Only a tiny portion of the active PC population wouldn’t fit those requirements.  PLUS, it’s possible to run SLED on thin-client style hardware as well… which means even lower hardware requirements — and costs!
  • SLED includes legal multimedia codecs.  It has since it began shipping in July 2006. Some additional info is here and here.

Just some food for thought… as you’re sitting around waiting.  🙂