This is a very exciting development… While we have been working with Wyse and have done some nice work in getting SUSE Linux Enterprise to run on several thin client platforms (including those from Wyse), an announcement was made at Linux World which formally announces support for this configuration.

You can see the Wyse press release here and a related article from LinuxDevices here.

With this partnership, customers who prefer Linux can now deploy a thin computing environment that leverages a standard operating system throughout the enterprise with a consistent, rich user interface. As a result, customers can realize lower operating costs, increased data security and dramatically improved manageability. Wyse customers are today using SUSE Linux Enterprise on Wyse thin clients in limited installations.  (from the Wyse press release)

For thin client devices you have several options of OS… including “dumbed-down” versions of Windows, Wyse’s own flavor of Linux, and now SUSE Linux Enterprise.  Why would someone consider SUSE Linux Enterprise over Wyse’s own flavor of Linux?  We’ll answer that question in an upcoming post.  Stay tuned…