…if you happen to be in China, that is…  From a CNet article, “Dell expands Linux PC sales to Europe and China”

Dell’s European Linux machines, which went on sale Tuesday, come with Ubuntu Linux. Customers in China will be sold PCs factory-installed with Novell’s Suse Linux.

and personally, I thought this buried detail was quite an interesting observation as well…  (Come on! Step out of the box and try something new! The grass may actually BE greener…) 

Dell says that so far the bulk of its U.S. Linux sales have been to open-source enthusiasts. They tend to like the software because it is free, thousands of compatible programs are also free, and it is easy to customize. …  But Dell says that a small number of Linux buyers are first-timers interested in trying out an alternative to Windows. If that group grows, it could hurt Microsoft’s profit growth.