Seems that Citrix just announced they will purchase XenSource, the commercial entity formed to make money off of the Xen Virtualization open source project.

I’ve read all I can about it, I just don’t see the “synergies” that are supposed to be there, it just doesn’t make much sense.  Of course Xen is an open source project and the vast majority of development takes place at Novell, other distributions and independent developers, so XenSource’s acquisition may not affect much other than Citrix’s stock price.  Also anyone who has purchased the Xenterprise product (XenSource’s commercial Virtualization Server offering) is probably trying to figure out how to download SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1, (hint: just click on the link, it’s really easy to set up and run, we know that for a fact).

Should be interesting to watch this one!