Well, unfortunately I did not get to personally attend Linux World in San Francisco last week, but fortunately for me – there are tons of outlets for me to get details on what the buzz was all about last week. If any of you happened to be there, and have additional comments/insights to share, I’d love to see some comments posted…

SearchEnterpriseLinux’s Jack Loftus posted a blog entry which links to several other articles and interesting summaries… as good a place to start as any.

Then of course, there’s the official LinuxWorld 2007 conference website which has links to several major industry announcements and even promises to have videos of all the keynotes – although they aren’t posted quite yet.

If you’re interested in seeing some of Novell CEO Ron Hovsepian’s keynote where he discusses how we can accelerate adoption of Linux (in general), you can read a summary from Jack Loftus here, a summary from CNet here and watch the entire keynote via Flash here or even download Ron’s slides here. Personally, I think he did a good job of conveying the message (yes, I’m probably a bit biased, but I think his points are generally right on for enterprise Linux), and yes I truly think his points (if followed) would help Linux in general and SUSE.

Here’s a link to Novell’s press kit for Linux World – we had several exciting press announcements to share last week… definitely check these out!

You can also check out Novell CMO’s video blog entries from the Linux World show floor here and here.

Novell’s Russ Dastrup video guru also created a couple of videos for the show… here and here.

Finally, I’m one of those “visual” people… so I love multimedia. BIG THANKS to the folks at TechTargetTV for putting a series of videos together on YouTube which show some of the highlights/reflections of the conference. My favorite, has to be their video of the “Bag of Schwag” – pretty funny!