As you may have heard, Citrix recently decided to aquire XenSource (more here, here and here) – the commercial front on the Xen virtualization technology in SLES 10. InfoWorld’s David Marshall reviews some interesting perspectives on the Citrix aquisition of XenSource in this audio podcast. He reviews a brief Q&A session with Citrix execs and a blog entry from Barrons.comAs I suspected when I first heard the news, it looks like Citrix’s initial foray into virtualization will be related to the desktop virtualization market. Still, $500M smackers is a pretty steep hill to climb to profitability if you ask me. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong.

Are any of YOU considering a desktop virtualization initiative? Why or why not?

[NOTE – If you listen to podcasts regularly, you know that it’s common practice to have some intro music. When listening to this podcast, just note that the music (annoying as it may be) doesn’t stop. Oh boy! David, if you end up reading this… next time, could… you… please… speak… a… little… faster…? 🙂 ]