Linux, specifically SUSE Linux Enterprise, that’s why.

Techtarget has the first in what promises to be a series of articles reporting on the IBM SHARE conference, where a lot of new technology and software gets introduced and this year it was clear that Linux on the Mainframe (System Z) is growing the Mainframe market.

Read Robert Rosen’s first in the series of articles and keep checking for more, Mainframe Linux is the most exciting thing that has happened on that platform since, well, ever.

It could go without saying, but I’ll take the hit, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is a runaway hit for the System Z Mainframes, we have over 85% market share and growing.

I do a lot of work with customers who have Linux on System Z, and IBM’s direction next year will focus more on server consolidation using the System Z as a platform for virtualization.¬† (Sounds of things ramping up in the background).