As someone who didn’t really, ahem, “bond” with my statistics classes and content, I really don’t pay as close attention to all the “30% of Windows Users think Linux is a brand of china” proclamations that stream out of the major technology media.  I rely on the number of people who ask my help in the various professional and personal areas of my life, either in picking a good system that’s Linux-ready, how to move their email inboxes to Linux or just how to get those diseased and virus-ridden beasts out of the house so they can get some work done.

I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, based on my own style of determining trends, the number of people who want to dump Windows and go Linux, (“any brand, just get me something that works day to day”, of course I recommend SUSE) is increasing by a noticeable percentage.

I found a great article to help with all of this, perhaps I should print it out and hand it without ceremony to anyone approaching me with a “I’ve just had my LAST BSOD” gleam in their eye, it might save a lot of time.

Enjoy Serdar’s article “Three Steps to a Full Windows to Linux Migration“.