In a move that was expected, Sun Microsystems has announced it has a Xen Hypervisor offshoot called xVM (stands for X86 Virtual Machine) that has appeared in OpenSolaris, but hasn’t yet been included in the standard version of Solaris.

Don’t expect to see this happen any time soon, and the first inclusion into Solaris will likely be in the form of a VMWare appliance, running on a hardware appliance.  Yes, thats right, Sun wants to provide a hardware appliance that would be the best place to host their virtual appliance.  Guess you have to get that hardware business into view at every opportunity, hmm?

Ian Murdock’s Project Indiana (an attempt to modernize and streamline the best of Linux-like advances into Solaris) will likely be the first place where we’ll see this integration occur.  Apparently there might be some performance enhancements that result from it’s running on OpenSolaris, or so this blog claims.

You can see some slides from a presentation about xVM and get more information.