Yes, it’s time for another installment of my very popular “Ross gets this question a lot lately, time for a blog post!” type of posting.

Who’s Asking?

Let’s put this into perspective, why would current Novell and prospective customers be asking us all of a sudden in large numbers what applications/services run on SLES? I’ve asked and the majority are not current SLES customers, they are a mix of traditional Novell (Red) customers (about 40%) and new to SUSE prospective customers (about 50%) and the rest (10%) won’t come out with why, they’re just looking around, thank you very much…

I’ve sent out the links to and shown the following site and it’s children a lot lately, so I wanted to get everyone used to how to find what applications/partners/services etc. are available for SLE 10.  The vast majority of what I am talking about are application services like Oracle and Websphere, not  I just love having someone ask me a complex question and to know we’ve already documented it and I can show them quickly by using the blog posting!

The Goods

The Novell Product Partner Guide is the main landing page for all these solutions, it has options for you to browse the available apps by:

  • product
  • hardware
  • software
  • industry
  • architecture

There’s also an alphabetical list of Partners you can quickly look through, such as if you want to know what Oracle apps or IBM hardware and apps are certified and with what version/patch level of SLES.

The Market Start program is a way to get small to medium businesses quickly into an application service that solves specific needs. There are a number of these, including Alfresco, BlackDuck and Pentaho.

Another very popular section of the site is the Yes Bulletin Search page, either by the bulletin number (which I never know, so it’s not useful to me) and the Yes Bulletin Advanced Search, which lets you search by any keyword you can remember, even if you haven’t had enough coffee this morning…

Yes, it’s even possible to request a Linux Application to be certified, or to let the program managers know of something that you think we should be looking at or someone to be partnering with, we get a number of these, and they are very helpful. Submit away!


All in all, that ought to keep everyone busy for a while, if you have questions or suggestions, please put them in a comment and we’ll get right on it!