You all know I am a proponent of technology, many of you have seen or heard me speak, when something is exciting and new and I think others can benefit, it’s almost impossible to shut me up. And like many of you, I have had situations where someone who is a block for a project, proposal or something else that needs to move quickly is avoiding answering or moving the approval process along.

Well, with that prequel, I’ll tell you about a tool that I pickup very infrequently but with a chuckle when I do: Trumpia. Basically you can become the human version of Operation Rolling Thunder, contacting simultaneously on all available and possible methods the person you have gotten disgusted with and put your sight reticle on.

Misuse of Trumpia can and very likely will drive all your friends off en mass, immediately. You can configure the various SMS, email and IM accounts of the people you wish to drive to complete and utter distraction. You then send out a BLAST (nice and descriptive name, that) to all of them, effectively realtime spamming them on all the possible channels that you have for them.

So, use this one properly, and don’t misuse it. I have realtime-blacklisted Trumpia for my sites and phones, this could be the most irritating thing since sand in your trunks.