There’s a great new site called, whose goal is to help Linux users use less power through a variety of means. The mission statement is pretty straightforward:

Saving power is a hot topic across the computer industry. For some, saving power means getting a longer battery life on their mobile devices, be it laptops or handhelds. For others, saving power means reducing costs and increasing efficiency in their data centers. For all of us its about reducing the impact of computing on our planet.

The site is surprisingly engaging in light of it’s laser focus, you’ll find:

As an example of the great tools you can get from this site, PowerTop is a version of the /bin/top utility that monitors power consumption on a process by process basis.

PowerTop has 4 basic goals:

  • Show how well your system is using the various hardware power-saving features
  • Show you the culprit software components that are preventing optimal usage of your hardware power savings
  • Help Linux developers test their application and achieve optimal behavior
  • Provide you with tuning suggestions to achieve low power consumption

It’s easy to use and install, and very quick to download. Take a look at the site, see what tools you can use and definitely read the documentation and FAQ section, it’s got some very useful information.