I’d buy that for a dollar. Well, lots of dollars, since it’s priced similarly to our friends at IBM’s mainframes. PSI (Platform Technologies Inc.) makes a plug-compatible set of machines called the System64 DS and ES, formerly only available through a 3rd party.

DS or Distributed Server and the ES or Enterprise Server hardware are currently shipping to early adopters and are competitively priced with IBM’s per-MIPS pricing of approximately $1200 to $1400.

The key to PSI’s systems are the ability to not only run OS/390 (IBM’s Mainframe OS) but also Linux and Windows. The DS system sports up to 8 Itanium v2 CPU’s and the ES supports up to 64 Itanium cores. Both support the production versions of z/OS, OS/390, HP-UX, Linux including SLES and Windows Server versions.

“Our customers have repeatedly told us that standardization and virtualization are key to their business success and an imperative for their IT strategy – today and for the future. We’ve developed the System64 product line to meet the industry’s challenges and drive customers’ success.”

You can get a lot more information from the PSI site, including quotes and whitepapers.