Just wanted to drop in a quick thank-you entry to everyone who attended the recent Linux Day events in both Philadelphia PA (Sept 27) and Memphis TN (Oct 4).  The events were both filled with well above average registration/attendance rates, and there was some excellent Q&A dialog that was had in both cities.  Upcoming events can be found on this blog and consolidated here.

I’d also like to thank SoftMart for sponsoring the event in Philly (Nice to meet you, James and Amy).  You’re a great partner and we look forward to a bright future together!

Finally, I’d like to point out something that was new for me on this round of Linux Days — it started in Philly, and personally I think it was fantastic!  Half way through the event, an attendee came up to me and asked if I would quickly make an announcement about a local Linux user group right after the break.  I gave him the mic and he simply mentioned the LUG and announced the website for more info.  There were several interested attendees who jotted down the URL and we continued.  Something similar happened in Memphis yesterday.  Here’s a link to their respective sites:

  • Philadelphia PA — (Sorry Philly attendee… I didn’t jot down your name or the URL.  Send me an email and I’ll edit this entry with your URL asap.  kchin at novell dot com)
  • Memphis TN — Group of Linux Users in Memphis

I just thought it was a great way to reach out and let interested persons meet some additional Linux users.  So the moral of the story is… if you’re part of a local Linux User Group and you’re at one of our Linux Days — it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask the presenter during a break if you can plug your org.