A new Aberdeen Group study reports that as Virtualization keeps expanding both in it’s role in the datacenter and as a tool for consolidation of services/storage and cost savings, it’s becoming even more vital as a way to provide Business Continuity, High Availability and Disaster Recovery.

For us, virtualization is a given. Our system utilization was low and if there was a peak, it only happened for an hour.

The rest of the time our systems are idle. Our application servers are just not using enough of the physical resources.

— Manager of Portal Operations for a Consumer and Applications Portal Company

The report includes a number of case studies and significant findings, such as:

  • 54% of firms use virtualization to support DR plans
  • 48% use virtualization to support HA strategies
  • 50% use virtualization to support BC implementation

For the typical organization who suffers from excess capacity and the costs associated, virtualization is a must. Along with that move to enterprise level virtualization comes the need for enterprise level business continuity planning.

Since the use of virtualization for BC, HA, and DR purposes is still merging, it is imperative that companies make sure it is implemented with the careful planning and testing of systems. This also will help insure there are no unnecessary redundancies and more efficient process in data recovery management. This latter issue, which is just starting to take hold within the physical world, is certainly going to be the next big issue as more companies use virtualization to support BC, HA, and DR processes.

Recovering data generated from virtualized systems will become a crucial discussion in the coming months.

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