According to a article… Speaking to an audience at the Gartner Symposium/IT Expo last week, Dell’s CEO Michael Dell said that Linux server sales are increasing faster than Windows server sales. You can view the webcast of the keynote here. I think that helps to validate what many of us have intuitively known for years… that Linux is the fastest growing operating system in the IT market. It’s also worth pointing out that Dell is validating the observation we’ve had for some time that more and more organizations are “trusting” Linux A LOT more and deciding to put more “critical applications” on Linux than in the past.

He said: “On the server side Linux continues to grow nicely, a bit faster than Windows. We’re seeing a move to Linux in critical applications, and Linux migration has not slowed down.”

However, for those customers who might be concerned about whether Microsoft’s claims of patent violation could result in legal action, Dell added that there were “certainly mechanisms if customers are concerned about patents”.

One of those mechanisms he’s referring to is Novell’s own Novell Technology Assurance Program (NTAP). Whether or not you believe MS’s position on IP, there are surely CxO’s within your organization who prefer to minimize all risks for the organization. NTAP can certainly help give those CxO’s the piece-of-mind necessary, and help remove roadblocks for you to dramatically increase the amount of Linux in your shop — (assuming you like secure, reliable, and low cost operating systems… like SLE) 🙂

Find the article here and checkout Michael Dell’s keynote here (Linux comments ~29:30).