Welcome the OPS East Team blog!

This blog is for getting the word out about what’s happening, new, coming to your city and fun in the East Region, as it pertains to Open Platform Solutions and Novell. If you get inspired, write us some feedback or leave us a comment on any of the articles you find here. It will give us a place to hear what you think, have an open discussion and generally talk about what’s on our collective minds.

Novell’s East Region covers the entire east coast portion of the US, from Maine to Florida, plus a few neighboring states.

We have a regular newsletter which pulls the “best-of” from this blog. It gets published approximately 2 times per month. You can subscribe to the newsletter here and you can view the archives here.

Note to journalists and other readers: Unless you receive express written permission to the contrary from the author of the content of this blog/website, reproduction or quotation of any statements appearing on this blog/website is not authorized.

The OPS East Team is:

Kevin Dattolico – OPS East Technical Specialist Director
(NY City, NY) kdattolico@novell.com

Atiq Adamjee – Technology Specialist
(NY City, NY) aadamjee@novell.com

Ross Brunson – Linux Solutions Specialist
(Albany NY) rbrunson@novell.com

Bill Calero – Systems Engineer
(NY City, NY) bcalero@novell.com

Kevin Chin – Linux Partner Executive
(Washington DC) kchin@novell.com

Daniel Faile – OPS Technology Specialist
(Charlotte, NC) dfaile@novell.com

Jason Ganovsky – Technical Specialist
(New Jersey) jganovsky@novell.com

Jen Murphy – Business Partner Executive
(Waltham MA) jemurphy@novell.com

Skip Paul – Systems Engineer
(Waltham MA) spaul@novell.com

Ben Pressley – Linux Sales Specialist
(Washington DC) bpressley@novell.com

John Pugh – Linux Partner Executive
(Tampa FL) jpugh@novell.com